About Karel Komárek Proměny Foundation

Who we are

Karel Komárek Proměny Foundation is a Czech private non-profit organisation founded in 2006, whose mission is to support the development of the urban environment in the Czech Republic and to promote public awareness of architecture, landscaping, and the importance of the quality environment for people. 

The mission of the Foundation lies in transforming neglected sites into beautiful and beneficial places for people, which at the same time helps to develop the attitude of the public to our environment and other related values. We implement this in our projects and also, which is even more important, in showing the right way to other people.“ / Karel Komárek, Founder of the Foundation

Our mission

We are keen to do our bit to make well-designed public space a natural element of life in cities in the Czech Republic. Our aim is to make the general public more involved in the related changes, and to ensure that the urban environment offers more suitable opportunities for the healthy growth of children.

“When a new park or garden for children is formed with the Foundation’s assistance, and you notice how a once dead space has become alive again, you can see its crystal-clear, tangible value. For us, transforming these sites is also very important for the development of those who will influence our future. In this respect, a less visible – yet the most important – element of our mission is working with people.” / Jitka Přerovská, Director of the Foundation

How do we help

By running three grant schemes, we contribute to the development of public parks, school gardens and other sites in urban public space. We provide grants, technical support and consultations to municipalities, schools and small initiatives that aim to improve the urban environment. We initiate conceptual transformations that are based on cooperation with experienced professionals and involve the local community alike. 

Our grant schemes

In our PARKS program, we give Czech towns the opportunity to restore landscaped public spaces, such as parks, public gardens, and green recreational areas. The main principles of our projects include conceptual approach to the use of public space, the timely planning of its sustainability, partnerships with specialists, and the local community's involvement in the transformation process. Within these projects we also organise architectural design contests. We also support the further development and revitalisation of restored sites.

Two of our park projects – Municipal Park on Santos Island in Sušice and Jirásek Park in Litoměřice – were presented within the exhibition representing the contemporary landscape architecture in Visegrad countries. See the catalogue.

In our PLAYFUL GARDEN program, we help to transform Czech school gardens into an inspiring and healthy environment for children. We offer schools financial, methodological and consultative support. We initiate the involvement of children, teachers and parents in the restoration and further development of gardens. We show why contact with nature and unstructured play are important for the healthy all-round development of children.

The Playful Garden scheme holds the Right to Play Award 2014 which is beeing granted by International Play Association for the implementation of article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

In 2016, we launched the TRANSFORM YOUR TOWN program providing support and assistance to bottom-up initiated projects that aim to improve the urban environment, develop the public space, and facilitate a public debate about topics related to this effort.

We share our knowledge and experience

We run a guidance site at www.portalpromen.cz (in Czech), which is a one-stop shop for know-how on how to transform public spaces and school gardens. 

We organise conferences, seminars and excursions. We raise general awareness also in informal, hands-on ways. We use playful and creative workshops to explain many of the principles behind the formation of the urban environment and architecture to children and adults.

We involve students of architecture and art schools in projects. This is a chance for them to work on real assignments and to put the knowledge gained in their studies into practice.

Where do we help

→  our projects overview (the project web pages are in Czech)


→  our YouTube channel for English speakers

Our donors

We thank our main donors – Karel Komárek, Karel Komárek Family Foundation, KKCG Group, MND a.s. and CK FISCHER, a.s. – for their continued patronage and support.


If you would like to find out more about Karel Komárek Proměny Foundation or discuss the opportunities for cooperation, feel free to contact us at info@nadace-promeny.cz.